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Couriers to Italy

If you choose Parcelabc as your designated postage service you are guaranteeing yourself and the recipient that the packet is going to arrive on time and in perfect condition. However, if you choose courier services not labelled as Parcelabc, we recommend getting familiar with their guidelines and rules (at least on a basic level). But the final choice is completely up to you and we are proud if the customer is satisfied whether shipping to Italy with Parcelabc or FedEx, DHL or any other courier company.

International shipping from the UK to Italy is a highly demanding task. Handing your parcel to a reliable and trustworthy courier is the finest option in order to avoid confusion, postage delays and hold-ups in customs. Thanks to the European Union, there are only very minimal and rare hold-ups in Italian customs (if there are any at all) and freedom of economic movement allows the parcels to reach their destination in Italy quickly and cheaply. That is bound to change in 2019, after Brexit, but for now, it is what it is.

Dependable and safe would be the two words best describing courier services from Parcelabc. Our services are delivering parcels to Italy on a daily basis. We would like to issue a reminder that other courier companies have different rules than we have. Get familiar with them before shipping something with UPS, FedEx or any other service provider.

After filling in the quote, the next step is to schedule a convenient pick-up time and once the package headed to Italy is picked-up by the courier company, your worries are pretty much over. The parcel courier’s picked-up, will get a unique tracking number which is “attached” to your shipment. Use this number on Parcelabc’s website to track your parcel wherever and whenever. It’s called Live Tracking and the feature will show where the parcel is and how is it travelling.

Express courier deliveries to Italy.

  • Faster
  • Better
  • Reassuring

If the recipient or the sender are in a hurry to have the parcel delivered from the United Kingdom to Italy, you need to choose Express deliveries to Italy. After filling in the quote you will be prompted with various options, few of which will have the label express on them. This label means a bit more costly service, but the delivery times are cut down to an absolute minimum in order to ensure faster deliveries.

A close and wide network of couriers enables the service range of deliveries to Italy we offer, to be as broad as possible. By having cheaper postage than the competition we are always one step ahead. We understand that every person has different priorities when it comes to parcel shipping to Italy and Parcelabc embraces that by allowing letting the client decide, we can be sure that he or she will be happy with their choice. They can easily choose the fastest method or fill in the quote to find the cheapest one available.

Depending on the courier service’s terms you have agreed on, the parcel will arrive at the recipient’s door in the Apennines peninsula accordingly.

Courier services delivering to Italy can also be insured. How to do so? Simply select the package insurance option on the quote. We heavily recommend insuring the packet if it contains something valuable or precious. But insure yourselves in general, because it is better to be safe than sorry. Even though there haven’t been any damages to Italian parcels, but no one is protected from Nature’s disasters and things of that nature.

Why do we get the best rates for shipping from the UK to Italy? Our connections with various courier companies operating in Italy and the United Kingdom allow us to have lower prices while maintaining a successful business model. Postage from the UK to Italy has very positive reviews from the customers that chose to work with us. We are building a history by being innovative, creative, dependable and trustworthy when it comes to parcel deliveries not only to Italy, but all around the globe.

As mentioned before, costs of the courier services are determined based on the distance your parcel has to travel. All of the courier companies delivering to Italy have individual price calculators, but you can see the prices of your particular parcel on our website after you fill in the quote.